LocationPaterson, NJ
Member SinceAugust, 2011

Preferred Subjects

Algebra 1 and 2 Geometry
Precalculus Trigonometry
Calculus (AP AB... and even a few ...
Hourly Rate$60/hour
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  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
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About Jeff
Member Since:August, 2011
Preferred Subjects:Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus (AP AB/BC), and even a few higher levels.
Education:B.S. in Computer Information Science.
M.S. in Pure & Applied Mathematics (in progress).
Experience:I am a graduate math student, math tutor, and adjunct university teacher, so I've taught students at all levels. I am currently teaching Algebra at the college level and tutoring many students. I can teach or tutor almost any level of math.

I excel in explaining math clearly and patiently. I specialize in explaining the concepts and in helping students understand and use them. I know many techniques to make problems easier and I can use varying explanations and examples. I am alert to fundamental issues which may be holding students back and I have an ability to determine what is confusing them, even when the students themselves can't articulate it. I will explain how to do the problems in a structured, step-by-step manner, using clear and consistent instructions, which I will write down, so you retain what I say. I will even show you tricks for doing word problems.
Hobbies:Finishing my math thesis.
Average Rating
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
Client Reviews (3)
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
Jeff is incredible! He tutored me through a college calculus course. The course normally has a 50% failure rate, but Jeff got me through it. He is very patient and provides great examples to help you understand the concepts.
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
100% perfect. i benefit most from the method he uses to write out in sentence form each step, then following each english sentence is the process mathematically prsented. when i look back on my notes, it was very easy to recall how to process a math step and then obtain the answer.
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.